Trust Center

Trust is the driving force behind our security and privacy principles. Our goal is to be completely transparent about our policies so you can make informed decisions.
Elementor Trust Center​

Built With
Security in Mind

Security is built into the fabric of our cloud products, infrastructure, and processes, so you can always be confident that your data is safe.

Dedicated Security Team

We have dedicated teams of security professionals that make sure we manage our security and data protection operations holistically and based on industry best practices.

Tier-1 providers

We only work with Tier-1 public cloud providers, such as AWS and GCP who uphold the same high standards of security and compliance as we do.

Multi-Security Mesures

Our production environments are segregated by multiple security measures, such as separate accounts, multi-factor authentication and strict enforcement of access patterns.

Real-Time Monitoring

We use a wide set of cloud-native tools to monitor activity, mitigate risks and map configuration mistakes in real time.

Secure Code

We train our developers to use industry-leading security standards throughout the development cycle in order to maintain the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data.

End-to-End Encryption

We keep your data encrypted end-to-end, in transit, at rest and when stored in backups.

Distributed System

Elementor’s infrastructure is hosted on a highly scalable and elastic distributed network. It provides continuous operations, backups and service resiliency even in the event of a failure.

Reliability Cross-Checks

Ongoing managed Penetration Tests are performed on our services by carefully selected industry experts.

Bug Bounty Program

Report a bug and get recognition and compensation from Elementor. In the event you wish to report a suspected vulnerability, please submit your discovery through our publicly available bug bounty program. Learn more about this program and its general guidelines.
Reporting a Potential Security Concern

Reporting a Potential Security Concern

Elementor is committed to safeguarding its environment and your data. Please reach out to us and report your security concerns.
General Security Issue

Privacy First

We go to great lengths to secure and protect the information of thousands of customers and end-users worldwide with absolute clarity and precision.

Ensuring a Compliant and Reliable Solution

We are ISO 27001 certified
We are SOC 2 Type I certified
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ)

Letting our
Transparency Show


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