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The Ultimate Fast, Flexible & Free Theme

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Fast & Lightweight

Built for optimal speed & performance. Create blazing-fast websites that make your visitors and search engines happy.

Minimal Styling

Design the exact website you envision. Hello is your WordPress starter theme - minimal styling, maximum design freedom.

Made for Elementor

The ideal combination. With Hello as the base, create your website with Elementor. Always updated & tested with new features.

Optimized for Speed & Performance

Clean, lean, & fast. Hello is ideal for SEO and enhanced user experience.

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Speed & Performance

Built For Speed

Hello theme is built with lean, non-intrusive code and has zero unnecessary styling. The ideal choice for designers, developers & anyone who creates WordPress websites.

Loads in 1/4 Second

Loads in 1/4 Second

The theme loads in the blink of an eye, giving your users a seamless experience on your website.

Only 6 KB

Only 6 KB

Hello only requires 6 KB of resources, making it significantly lighter than most themes.

Requires 2 Requests

Requires 2 Requests

With minimal requests sent to the server, visitors will see your website in record speed.

SEO Friendly

Happy Visitors,
Happy Search Engines

Hello is built for optimal page speed and performance. This improves your search engine ranking both directly and indirectly through better user experience and lower bounce rates.

SEO Optimized
SEO optimized
SEO Optimized
SEO Optimized
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Minimum Styling, Maximum Flexiblity

Hello is built to give you complete freedom over your web design.

Ideal StarteR Theme

Ready for Your Creativity

Hello’s blank canvas lets you build your WordPress website exactly the way you want it. The opportunities are endless when you use Hello.

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Headers and Footers
Header & Footer Capabilities

Build Your Header & Footer

Hello’s lean header & footer capabilities allow you to customize the colors, typographies, and logo - or hide sections you want to exclude.


Always Up-To-Date

Hello is continuously optimized and updated to ensure it meets the highest standards for performance and compatibility.

Fully Compatible

Fully Compatible

Easily add functionalities.
Hello works seamlessly with
popular WordPress plugins.



Hello is responsive by default.
Using Hello & Elementor, you can
even customize by device.



With minimal styling &
maximum speed, Hello is the
perfect theme for your store.

Open Source

Open Source

RTL supported and written
in clean code, so you get to
shape and expand Hello.

Works best with Elementor. With Hello as the perfect base, Elementor lets you realize your creative visions.

Elementor Editor

Build Content Without Code

Elementor’s industry-leading drag & drop live editor lets you build your website in a complete visual canvas, zero coding required. Turn your vision into reality.

Elementor Library

Hundreds of Templates

Kickstart your projects with a variety of designer-made templates, from page blocks to entire websites. Built to meet your every need.

Elementor Theme Builder

Design Your Website’s Global Parts

Create your website with maximum flexibility. Design complete custom headers, footers, page layouts, WooCommerce pages, and more with Elementor’s revolutionary Theme Builder.

Start Right With Hello

Free, blazing fast, and with minimal styling – Hello is your perfect starter theme.